Imagine finding your own fit in the healthcare system. Imagine developing healthcare solutions that actually treating patient in a novel way--your way. Or how about being a healthcare expert in your field and serving other clinicians through disseminating your knowledge. Imagine, if YOU could just be YOU. What if you could integrate the things you love to do with the healthcare career you trained for? What if you took your uniqueness and was able to apply it to your profession?


Hi, I am Rosemarie Yetman. I am a goal growth strategist & RN who loves nursing but doesn’t like the status quo. I am here to dismantle the outdated mindset that leaves clinicians to believe there is a lack of career paths to follow once they finish training. I help you find confidence in your path & manifest the career life you were born for by fusing your strengths, passions & vocation into the most fulfilling career ever.


Rosemarie Yetman is a transdisciplinary nurse strategist, Principal at Yetman Solutions, Founder of RN Pathways, and a proud RN who works to optimize the convergence point of clinical innovation, healthcare design synergy, and agile delivery of effective healthcare actions. We believe that questioning the status quo is a core foundation on discovering one's own path, and RN pathways helps you build

the confidence to leave a trail while your at it.